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Sun May 11 2008, 11:00am
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i was going i voted july ffs i wouldnt of voted if i wasnt going
and i never blamed you for this you just took it as i was and as for "It was not a DEFINITIVE poll" what the point in having one then tell me that if you dont go by the result dont have a poll is all im saying
it like labour wining by 20% and then they turn round and say but we dont want them in so let the torys have iot and before you say it YES IT IS
i was looking forward to meeting up with all i did it in rabids and had a good laugh and maybe i would of still gone in june but its just the way things get done around here
and i dont know where you get this from "Sick of the complainin over something your not even gonna attend " and to be honest i dont give a toss if your sick of it or not im sick of people making assumptions about me so there
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